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How To Earn More Press Coverage For Your New Product Or Service

So, your team has worked weeks, months, or even years, to develop a great new product or service. To ensure its profitability the next step is breathing in the oxygen and magic of marketing and PR to grab the attention of your customers.

How do you get the best media attention for all of your hard work? To help get you started, we’ve listed three ways to earn maximum press coverage for your new product or service below.

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How Public Relations Contributes To ROI

People invest in companies with the ultimate goal of making a return on investment (ROI). Traditionally, responsibility for the company’s ROI was the expressed mandate of sales and
marketing. Today however, all the company’s business units are being called to account for
the company’s profitability, whether in the form of budgetary control, research and
development, public relations or some other strategy.

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PRMR Inc. New Public Relations eBook By Pamala Proverbs

PRMR Inc. has published its first eBook.  Written by the company’s public relations guru, Pamala Proverbs, it is the first in a series of eBooks to be published by PRMR Inc.

According to Proverbs, “It is meant to be thought provoking, to push public relations to the forefront of business thinking as a bonafide strategy to propel business growth.

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How Important Is Community Relations To A Company?

Community relations refers to the various methods companies use to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the communities in which they operate. Building local community relationships can be the most important communication activity undertaken by an organisation, yet it is often overlooked.  

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How To Boost Your Marketing Performance Online: Using Video On YouTube To Drive Website Visits

In this four part series of blog posts we take a look at four of the best platforms for making your video content social. In our second post on this topic I took a look at Twitter as an option for showcasing compelling messages via videos to customers and clients. For this week’s article I explore using video on YouTube to drive website visits. 

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Public Relations Tactics Promote Business Growth

As a business owner, or even as a one or two-person communications team, it is difficult to find the time to develop new ways to keep your company top-of-mind and help make it grow.

Most times we pound the pavements depending on sales to grow the business but no one wants to spend their hard-earned money with a stranger.

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