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How To Boost Your Marketing Performance Online: Using Video On Facebook To Drive Website Visits

In this 4 part series of blog posts we take a look at four of the best platforms for making your video content social and how to boost your marketing performance online. In our first post on this topic I take a look at Facebook as an option for where your brand can showcase its compelling videos to customers and clients. Facebook has over 8 billion daily views on the platform making it the second most popular platform around currently for video after YouTube. 

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4 Tips On How To Get More Twitter Followers For Your Business

Twitter I have found in my experience is one of the best platforms for building a relationship with potential customers. This social media channel has proved a great help in driving traffic to our website www.prmrinc.net. We have found it to be one of the best platforms for building a relationship with potential customers.  In this post we explore four tips on how to get more Twitter followers and how to ensure that the persons following are your buyer persona.


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The Importance Of Researching Keywords

The importance of researching keywords for your blogging titles will play a key part in attracting not just any traffic but the right traffic to your blogs. Having the right keyword is important because when persons type a specific query in their search engines they are more likely to see your results on the first page if you used the right keywords in your blog title. Tools such as Hubspot’s Keywords and Google’s Keyword Planner can help select keywords that will aid in optimising your blog.

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5 Great Blogging Platforms For Your Business

There are a plethora of great blogging platforms for your business available in 2016 and determining which option may be best for you can be time consuming. Really, best in this case means what blogging platform best fits your goals and technical skillsets. I will go through five options which I think should cover whatever type of website you want.

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The Role Of Public Relations In The Digital Age

In PRMR Inc.’s second podcast we discussed the role of public relations in the digital age.  I felt a sense of déjà vu as I discussed some of the concepts because I remembered similar discussions on the role of PR in the broadcast age, when radio and television started demanding greater accountability from companies.  The Internet, especially social media has intensified the pressure on companies to be responsive to customers and more importantly, be good corporate citizens.  

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