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The Importance Of Researching Keywords

The importance of researching keywords for your blogging titles will play a key part in attracting not just any traffic but the right traffic to your blogs. Having the right keyword is important because when persons type a specific query in their search engines they are more likely to see your results on the first page if you used the right keywords in your blog title. Tools such as Hubspot’s Keywords and Google’s Keyword Planner can help select keywords that will aid in optimising your blog.

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5 Great Blogging Platforms For Your Business

There are a plethora of great blogging platforms for your business available in 2016 and determining which option may be best for you can be time consuming. Really, best in this case means what blogging platform best fits your goals and technical skillsets. I will go through five options which I think should cover whatever type of website you want.

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4 Questions To Ask Before Starting A Blog

Anyone with an even passing interest in the online world has no doubt heard about blogging by now. A blog is a phenomenal tool for any business but we thought we would share a few questions that you and your marketing team should ask and answer before starting a blog. Using the questions we share in our post below should help your business to come up with a plan for starting your blog that helps you meet your organisation’s online marketing goals.

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3 Reasons Why Your Email List is More Important Than Social Media Following

Email sounds almost old school these days, however, the prolific rate at which social media platforms are springing up has made customised email lists/databases an essential tool for business. When properly leveraged, an opt in Email subscriber list can work hand in hand with your social media strategy by encouraging potential customers on your social media channels to subscribe to your list and alert your customer base of your new product, service or content offerings. Your email list is the beating heart of your company’s online marketing strategy. Here are three reasons why your email list is more important than social media following.  

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3 Great Contest Tools Your Business Can Utilise This Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is in full force with the lovely spirit of sharing and good cheer that Christmas brings. As a business you may be thinking of unique ways to thank your customers for their fantastic support. Consider an online contest.  Contests are an excellent way to both thank your current awesome customers and to expand your brand to a new audience by going viral.   Here are three great contest tools your business can utilise this holiday season.  We have chosen these three because they can match any budget, big or small.

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Deciding Which Social Media Platforms Your Organisation Should Use?

Social Media has become even more of a buzzword over the last few years with many brands rushing to join various platforms, some of which have well over 1 billion users. If you are deciding which social media platforms your organisation should use, this blog should help to address that.

First, before you make the headlong sprint to have your company on every single social media platform that’s buzzing right now, you should probably ask yourself or your marketing team a few questions.

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4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Blogging Today

Blogging is a tool that has been widely underutilised by many businesses, especially in the Caribbean region. Keeping your brand top of mind with customers is vital in the modern crowded marketplace, and with eCommerce being a major driver in boosting extra-regional revenue, Caribbean businesses need to utilise this excellent and virtually free tool. Regular blogging which provides solutions and educates your target persona both enhances your company's thought leadership in the field as well as its SEO. When a current/potential customer searches for a way to address a specific issue in your sector, your business blog should ideally be the one that is found at the top of their search engine result.  

Here are 4 reasons why your business should be blogging.

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