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The Importance Of Researching Keywords

The importance of researching keywords for your blogging titles will play a key part in attracting not just any traffic but the right traffic to your blogs. Having the right keyword is important because when persons type a specific query in their search engines they are more likely to see your results on the first page if you used the right keywords in your blog title. Tools such as Hubspot’s Keywords and Google’s Keyword Planner can help select keywords that will aid in optimising your blog.

The great thing about Hubspot’s Keywords tool is that once you type in a word that you think will be a topic for some of your blogs simply click ‘get suggestions’ and this tool will give you some great keyword ideas. In addition the Keywords tool will give you results for the amount of monthly searches made for that term allowing you to immediately determine if a keyword will be the right one for you. If you are already a big blog then competing on keywords with high search volumes and difficulty numbers may not be a bad idea since your website traffic is already high and you are already considered a trusted source for content on this topic by search engines.

When using a tool such as Hubspot’s Keywords there are a number of categories that you really should pay close attention to. These include monthly searches, rank, difficulty and CPC. The difficulty number will let you know how hard it will be to get onto the first page of a potential customer’s search while CPC will give you an idea of the cost of customer acquisition for your blog. If the CPC number is high this will let you know that it would probably be a good idea to select another keyword for your campaign. This is very important information for ensuring that your website and blog are better optimised. For example if you were doing a campaign for a new product or service you may want to choose a keyword with lower competition (difficulty) and fairly high monthly searches to make it easier for your brand to place high on the first page of search results.

Researching keywords can also save a great amount of time and money by giving your business an idea of how much it will cost to run any paid campaigns on search and whether your writers really should run with that blog headline that they spent over an hour brainstorming. Afterall there is nothing worst than dedicating so much time working on terrific blog content ideas and then realising that something as seemingly simple as a blog title derailed all your team’s efforts. No keywords for your website and blog should ever be used without first conducting proper in-depth research on what keywords will offer your business a competitive advantage.

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