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5 Great Blogging Platforms For Your Business

There are a plethora of great blogging platforms for your business available in 2016 and determining which option may be best for you can be time consuming. Really, best in this case means what blogging platform best fits your goals and technical skillsets. I will go through five options which I think should cover whatever type of website you want.

1. Wordpress

Wordpress is the great all-rounder of blogging platforms out there. It is super easy to set up a blog and website using this platform. If your coding skills are on point, endless design options are possible. The truly awesome thing about Wordpress is the endless amount of plugins available to fit almost any conceivable blog need. Plugins for managing mailing lists, e-commerce or creating fantastic landing pages are all available for you to utilise.

It is quite easy to get hosting for your own unique domain name unlike the Medium or LinkedIn platforms.


Image Credit: Wordpress


2. Squarespace

You may have seen it advertised on TV many times before as a platform for designing websites but Squarespace is one of the very best options out there for hassle free blogging as well with a simple user interface and a huge amount 3rd party embed possibilities.

Similar to Wordpress, Squarespace allows persons to build a well designed blog without any coding experience whatsoever. If you do not mind spending money on setting up a quality blog then this blogging and website platform may be the perfect choice for you. The only major downside of Squarespace is the fact that there is no free plan available.


Image Credit: Squarespace


3. Hubspot

The fantastic thing about Hubspot is it is not only a blogging solution but a social media solution as well. In addition it is an excellent tool for managing subscribers and leads for your business. This is the major advantage Hubspot has over the other platforms on this list; the fact that it is an integrated online marketing solution.


Image Credit: Hubspot


4. Medium

Medium is very easy to set up, you can get right to blogging within 5-7 minutes! In addition you can follow blogs that are in your industry or that interest you and get updates sent directly to your inbox when new content is posted. Medium has one of the absolute best post editor user interfaces out there at the moment. The only downside for some will be the lack of available customisation in terms of themes and domain names.


Image Credit: Medium


5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very good business blogging option for those persons not ready to invest in blog hosting or website development. LinkedIn already has a captive audience of readers on LinkedIn Pulse and this offers a big opportunity to bloggers whose primary audience is business executives and entrepreneurs.


Image Credit: LinkedIn


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