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4 Tips On How To Get More Twitter Followers For Your Business

Twitter I have found in my experience is one of the best platforms for building a relationship with potential customers. This social media channel has proved a great help in driving traffic to our website www.prmrinc.net. We have found it to be one of the best platforms for building a relationship with potential customers.  In this post we explore four tips on how to get more Twitter followers and how to ensure that the persons following are your buyer persona.


1. Use Hashtags For All your Posts

One of the reasons why I think Twitter has been the primary channel to drive traffic for our website is that in comparison with Facebook, Twitter has from the very beginning been known for having hashtags. Hashtags allow persons from all over the world who don't even currently follow your business to connect with your conversation and brand.

I would advise using one or two hashtags for every content post that you make especially for business marketing campaigns. Before jumping in with both feet however ensure that your hashtag is going to be relevant and original, the latter is especially important for marketing campaigns. The smart use of hashtags will allow your business to extend its reach.

2. Segment Your Audience Into Twitter Lists

Segmenting your audience properly into different Twitter lists will pay dividends particularly when it comes to curating content. Instead of having to always worry about creating original content for your tweets you can simply go through your segmented lists and retweet posts that will engage your specific audience. Having specific lists for marketing gurus, PR experts and Tech investors will allow you to be able to quickly search for tweets in a particular topic of interest.

3. Utilise Contests 

Contests are a fantastic way to grow your business' following. This should be absolutely no surprise since everyone likes the chance to win something for free! Contests also serve as an excellent way to reward and motivate your brand evangelists. Spend some time coming up with creative contest ideas that will appeal to your Twitter community.

Contests with bigger prizes can run for a longer time period while those with smaller prizes should probably be run for no longer than a week. Before starting your contest make sure that your contest artwork is easy on the eye and that the rules and details are clear to your audience.

4. Engage, Engage, Engage!

We all have busy schedules but the key to success on Twitter just like many other platforms is consistency. I have found in my experience that setting aside 20-30 minutes a day to reply and engage with persons as well as to Retweet compelling content from persons and brands in my Twitter lists can make a huge difference to my success on this platform. On Twitter this is even more important as the dynamic on this platform is even more fast paced than Facebook. Persons that tweet on a daily basis will generally do better in terms of engagement and following than those that tweet on a once per week or less basis.

We hope these 4 tips were helpful in boosting your Twitter game and would love to hear how you are going about engaging with your online community. Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter about your challenges and wins on the Twitter platform.

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