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Three ways to promote healthy lifestyles

Posted by PRMR Inc. Staff Writer on Mar 2, 2017 11:06:05 AM

Our subscribers may have noticed that the last couple of PRMR Inc. blogs focused on the general art of communicating to change public behavior. Here, we hone in on the specific example of healthy promotion offering you three ways to promote healthy lifestyles to influence public behavior change:

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Communicating to Change Behaviour - Public Education and PR

Posted by PRMR Inc. Staff Writer on Feb 8, 2017 3:29:09 PM

As public relations practitioners, our daily roles centre on managing favourable public perceptions of our clients. We use a variety of tactics and mediums to do so, however, when it comes to public education campaigns, the very perceptions we spend so much time trying to shape must be converted into tangible changes in behaviour in order to be successful.

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10 Tips For Running A Successful Home Office

Posted by Pamala Proverbs on Jan 16, 2017 2:13:32 PM

2017 saw PRMR Inc. relocate into a fabulous upscale building called the Atrium in Haggatt Hall, also home to G&A Communications Inc. and FedNav.

This move was nearly ten years in the making because, for the most part, my employees and I were comfortably located at my home in St. James. However, I decided as the business grew and moved closer to its 10th Anniversary, it was time for it to reinvent itself and become better known on the island for our fantastic public relations work.  

Having successfully run a business from home all those years, I have decided to share some tips to help entrepreneurs who may decide to follow this path before taking the leap of faith to buy or rent office space.  

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How to start 2017 with a bang!

Posted by PRMR Inc. Staff Writer on Dec 30, 2016 9:57:48 AM

 As 2016 draws to a close, now is the time to be lining up some fresh business tactics to roll out as we usher in another year. Our ‘New Year’ business boosting strategies below will ensure your 2017 corporate activities start with a ‘bang’ and set up your year to be a productive and successful one. Here’s how to start 2017 with a bang!:

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7 ways to boost your PR this Christmas

Posted by PRMR Inc. Staff Writer on Dec 12, 2016 8:21:23 AM

Although December is well underway, it’s not too late to capitalise on the wealth of PR opportunities that the festive season brings. Ensure you’re making the most of the holiday spirit by incorporating some Christmas cheer into your PR tactics to increase your business’ exposure and profits. Here’s how:

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PRMR Inc. Logo Change

Posted by Pamala Proverbs on Apr 8, 2016 11:33:29 AM

I was tempted to name this blog, ‘PRMR Inc. has rebranded’ but restrained myself because despite my excitement and admiration of our new spruced up logo, a logo change does not a company rebranding make.

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For Immediate Release - Do’s and Don’ts For Managing Embargoes

Posted by Pamala Proverbs on Mar 8, 2016 4:36:29 PM

When I saw the title “For Immediate Release - Do’s and Don’ts for Managing Embargoes” on the Bull Dog Reporter email it immediately took me back to the time I tried my first embargoed piece in Barbados. Embargo “is the tactic of distributing news to reporters before a public announcement, with the understanding that the outlet won’t run the story until a specified day and time.” 

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Best Practice for PR Agencies on Social Media

Posted by Pamala Proverbs on Feb 19, 2016 1:58:41 PM

A big part of what we do at PRMR Inc. is social media and online reputation management.  Our mantra is that we have to do our own social media marketing well as a model for our clients.  

Since hiring a dedicated online/inbound marketer we have been paying even closer attention to our performance.  Recently we noticed that our Twitter Page has been out performing our Facebook page considerably.  

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PRMR Inc. Communications Podcast 02: The Role Of PR In The Digital Age

Posted by PRMR Inc. Staff Writer on Jan 22, 2016 7:25:52 AM

In the second of our regular Podcasts on all things Communications related, Pamala founder of Barbadian Communications company PRMR Inc. discusses the role of PR in the digital age and how technologies can be integrated into traditional Public Relations.

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The Role Of Public Relations In The Digital Age

Posted by Pamala Proverbs on Jan 19, 2016 8:36:23 AM

In PRMR Inc.’s second podcast we discussed the role of public relations in the digital age.  I felt a sense of déjà vu as I discussed some of the concepts because I remembered similar discussions on the role of PR in the broadcast age, when radio and television started demanding greater accountability from companies.  The Internet, especially social media has intensified the pressure on companies to be responsive to customers and more importantly, be good corporate citizens.  

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