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Barbados Port Inc. partners with AIDS Foundation to increase AIDS awareness


In observation of ‘Love Safely Week’ which runs from February 12 to 19, the Barbados Port Inc. has partnered with the AIDS Foundation of Barbados Inc. to sensitise and educate staff and other stakeholders about the importance of safe sex and to effectively address challenges posed by the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

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Rowers set to dock in Barbados

While steering more efforts towards the yachting niche, Barbados continues to pique the interest of persons in the broader sailing and rowing arena, and by the end of this month, the island will welcome more than ten teams presently rowing across the Atlantic.
The rigorous row is a part of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, where 17 teams set off from the Canary Islands on December 5 on the 3000 mile trek across the Atlantic to Barbados, and are set to arrive around the end of January.

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Pure Beach Resort Shines

The PURE BEACH RESORT & SPA’s spirit of the Season shone through when it partnered with the Sunrise Community Club to spread some Christmas cheer among the less fortunate within the Rices and Foul Bay community.

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Azura Brings Christmas Cheer

The Carnival Cruise Lines’ Azura liner brought some early Christmas cheer to the children of the Child Care Board’s Nightengale and Haynesville Children’s homes with the assistance of the Barbados Port Inc. While the children from Nightengale were welcomed on board the ship for a day of fun and festivities, the youth directorship team (Reef Rangers) of the Azura cruise line took the party to the children of Haynesville!

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Lift Male Standards - MHM In the Community

Just under 50 secondary school boys taking part in the Life Skills Programme of Supreme Counseling for Personal Development have been urged to help rebuild the standards of young males across the island.

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Barbados Port Inc. outs Barbados Light and Power Lights

Barbados Port Inc. footballers outshone Barbados Light & Power, defeating that team 4 – 1 in their friendly inaugural Anniversary football match last Friday at the Bridge Field playing field.

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