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The Combermere Hockey Team attends Camp Exsportise, UK

The Combermere School Hockey teams are off to an intensive one-week sports camp hosted by Exsportise Sports Academy at the Clayesmore School in Dorset Uk.

Exsportise world-class sports summer camp boasts top expert coaches that help children develop their skills in their chosen sport or Multi-sports. According to Combermere’s head coach, Colonel Deighton Maynard the camp is expected to be a major learning experience for the 43 students on tour. “ The camp focuses on the psychology of performance to the rigorous demands of practice, focus, breath control, flexibility, physical strength, composure and teamwork and we expect that our children will leave UK with not only enhanced hockey skills but also some life skills as well."

Maynard said that the usual friendly, lively and supportive family atmosphere of the camp is expected to encourage the child to explore his/her sporting and artistic talents to the fullest.

The students will also be able to broaden their education and cultural understanding alongside other children from around the world who share their passion for these activities. The tour group is due back on August 1.