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PRMR's Tips: How to be Socially Savvy

Soft skills have become even more important today with the explosion in popularity of the various social media platforms.

Just take a look at the most popular people on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. They may not necessarily be the best or most technically proficient in their fields but they have somehow succeed in capturing the attention of many others. They have obviously figured out how to be socially savvy in the digital era.

Furthermore research has shown that 85% of a person’s ability to succeed is determined by their ‘soft skills’.

The public relations profession for years has been struggling to cement its place in the C-Suite because of the perception that it was “soft” and its contribution to the bottom line undefined. Thanks to social media more and more it is being taken seriously however.

To build an online community you need to be socially savvy we at PRMR Inc recognize the significance of specific social skills that can lead to social media success. For example, are you really listening to what people are asking for or are you just tweeting/posting content that you or your company thinks people want to read?

How do you become socially savvy? Is there a secret technique or special formula? We discovered that many etiquette and networking tips for real life situations are just as applicable in the online world.

  • Treat others as you would like to be treated. We have all heard it and it’s true. If you treat your followers with the same respect and consideration that you would like then you can build a strong relationship. You wouldn’t want your page flooded with advertisements so why do the same to your clients/colleagues/friends? Share insightful content that you think they would appreciate - not only will they come back for more but they will pass on your content to others. 
  • Share a smile. People like to feel good. Share funny or feel-good stories. We tend to be bombarded sometimes with bad news and social media has proven to be an excellent way for people to unwind and relax. 
  • Be polite. Courtesy and respect are basic requirements for any successful relationship. With social media, almost everything is played out for the public to follow. As a company, if a person attacks your brand it is important to always be polite - remember, everyone else is monitoring your response and forming their own opinions.

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