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PRMR Inc. New Public Relations eBook By Pamala Proverbs

PRMR Inc. has published its first eBook.  Written by the company’s public relations guru, Pamala Proverbs, it is the first in a series of eBooks to be published by PRMR Inc.

According to Proverbs, “It is meant to be thought provoking, to push public relations to the forefront of business thinking as a bonafide strategy to propel business growth.

"The aim of the book is to advocate for the profession to demonstrate that it is a critical business strategy that sits shoulder to shoulder with other areas such as finance, marketing, sales and HR.”  

A number of new and traditional topics have been explored.  The book features six chapters on the following topics:

Chapter 1: Public Relations Tactics Promote Business Growth

Chapter 2: The Role of PR in the Digital Age

Chapter 3: PR Tactics That Every Company Needs, but Undervalues

Chapter 4: Rethinking Your Internal & External Communications Strategy

Chapter 5: Social Media Customer Service, Why It Matters and How To Do It Right

Chapter 6: How PR consultants Suggest Top Managers & Owners Approach M&A’s

This is a great aid for anyone interested in managing their company’s reputation effectively.  Please download your free copy now.


Public Relations: A Driver of business success by PRMR Inc. Barbados  

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