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A New Vision

As a newcomer in the world of PR and to PRMR Inc, I now have the pleasure of writing a blog at least once a week on something informative and interesting.

I found myself thinking about what I would be able to contribute to a public relations company blog or how my interests would fit in. Having just completed an Associate Degree in Office Administration and Management at the Barbados Community College, I suddenly felt as if I had studied the wrong thing or as if what I had learnt would not be relevant to a PR blog.

However, after talking to myself, I realized I did in fact have some kind of built in PR knowledge. We all do have some kind of uncertified PR qualifications when we try to manage our own reputations daily or even our friends own. Also, now that I am working at PRMR Inc., it is certainly causing me to read more widely not just about topics related to my degree, but about communications, the economy and all types of interesting things.

PR is the best choice I could have made to awaken my reading abilities. It has provided an opportunity for me to learn a lot about many different things.

"Keeping my mind sharp Pam, nice move!"

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