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PRMR Inc. Communications Podcast: Using Online Tools To Increase Brand Awareness

Posted by PRMR Inc. Staff Writer on Dec 10, 2015 12:01:22 PM

PRMR Inc podcast by public relations agency in Barbados

In the first of our regular Podcasts on all things Communications related, Pamala, founder of Barbadian communications company PRMR Inc. is joined by Inbound Marketer Josiah to discuss the topic of using online tools to increase brand awareness for your business.

We touch on some useful tools such as Curata and Feedly that can help your brand curate content for its social media channels as well as strong analytic services such as Hubspot which can help make sure your campaigns and social media strategies are successful.

We would love to hear your feedback on this podcast and on ideas for future podcast topics.



PRMR Inc Communications Podcast by Prmrinc on Mixcloud


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