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The New Writer

I was doing my daily dose of reading this morning of news, current affairs and general topics of interest when suddenly a realization hit me – how short all the stories that I was reading were and the fact that most of them were laid out in point form. Of course, me being a thinker, I immediately started musing of what had accounted for this and the word that kept on recurring was the Internet.  

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4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Blogging Today

Blogging is a tool that has been widely underutilised by many businesses, especially in the Caribbean region. Keeping your brand top of mind with customers is vital in the modern crowded marketplace, and with eCommerce being a major driver in boosting extra-regional revenue, Caribbean businesses need to utilise this excellent and virtually free tool. Regular blogging which provides solutions and educates your target persona both enhances your company's thought leadership in the field as well as its SEO. When a current/potential customer searches for a way to address a specific issue in your sector, your business blog should ideally be the one that is found at the top of their search engine result.  

Here are 4 reasons why your business should be blogging.

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Blogging Is For Everyone

"Blog" is a shortened version of the word "weblog". Information is stored online either for private viewing or open to the general public. A blog can often report diary-type commentaries and provide relevant links to articles on other websites. The articles follow the order in which they were updated to the blog site. Blogs address all the different phenomena that we face as a people. Blogging isn’t limited to a particular age group or profession. People blog about fashion, cars, politics, social issues and more…

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