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Promoting A Sports Event #olympicacademybarbados

I was the public relations officer of the Barbados Netball Associations light years ago before I even understood the concept. Our basic understanding of the role of the public relations officer is someone who sends information out from the association, who may get a press release in the media now and then and is the MC at events. Because of this limited scope of our public relations knowledge our associations do not garner the full force of goodwill possible. This is not only true of the public relations position, but a majority of the positions since all our organizations function through the goodwill of volunteers.

For this reason, I am very passionate about this workshop in which I will start the process of arming person in this position within local association with basic knowledge on how to draw attention and goodwill to their sport. In this workshop “Promoting A Sports Event,” we will focus on packaging messages for traditional and new media. We will look in depth at Twitter and breakdown the press release so that everyone will leave arm with this tool that is the chief weapon in the public relations arsenal.

The following templates can also be downloaded to help you as you plan your communications strategies:

Communications Plan Template

Press Release Template

2015 Database of Sports Journalists

Sample Media Invitation 


Other Training Workshops for National Sporting Federations at the Olympic Academy

There will be a number of follow up classes that will explore event planning, public speaking, crisis planning and other related topics.  Contact the Olympic Academy for details of when these programs are on.  Training Workshops are posted on the BOA Facebook and Twitter pages so like and follow the pages.  Remember to also follow and use the hashtag #olympicacademybarbados


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