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PRMR poses the question: Can Social Media make us Healthier?

PRMR Communications Consultants Inc. has long been an advocate for healthy lifestyles and wellness. We have a passion for health and as an organisation based in Barbados we are particularly aware of the problem of chronic non-communicable diseases (CNCDs) facing the Caribbean right now.

Many people complain that technology has been a contributing factor to some of our health problems. Childhood obesity is increasing at an alarming rate, almost as fast as the increase in sales of electronic gaming systems and PCs. To be honest, many of us find ourselves leading more sedentary lifestyles.

Why bother walk through a supermarket or shopping centre when you can order it all without even leaving your bed!

Meeting up with friends for a walk or run? Why bother when you can simulate a run without breaking a sweat?

In many ways it is true that technology has facilitated poor lifestyle choices leading to increased health issues. However, the reverse is also true. The dominance of social media has sparked a fitness revolution:

  • Need a workout buddy, look no further than Facebook or Twitter! From running groups to yoga or even Barbados’ very own Wukup Workout party sessions, you can find someone to motivate you and get you moving.
  • Can’t leave the kids at home - bring them along! The family that moves together, stays together! Social media has been a great outlet for advertising weekend activities ideal for the family. Check out the upcoming Olympic Day celebrations taking place in Barbados - follow @Olympicbb on Twitter.
  • Want advice from an expert? Social media has made us all more social! It is now easier than ever to speak to fitness experts no matter where you are. Get advice on nutrition, workouts and more.

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