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The Power of Facebook

It seems like everybody and everything is on Facebook. From Farmer’s Choice to more upscale brands like BMW, Cartier etc.

I love Facebook, I enjoy the fact that the site is constantly growing and changing. I especially love the new timeline feature. Though like most I was hesitant at first I love the emphasis that Facebook has on pictures and images as opposed to words.

Let’s face it, most of us go on Facebook to stalk our friends (or enemies) anyway, look through their albums and see what scandalous thing they have been up to.

Recently we posted a vacancy for the position of graphic designer on our page. We used this medium to test the power of Facebook, and to ensure that the candidate used social media and internet technology in the normal course of their day (not to mention it is an inexpensive advertising vehicle :D) but we didn’t anticipate that we would receive over 25 applications for the position.

While this number is manageable considering the number of persons tagged as well as the small but growing number of friends on our page – this is truly amazing.

I recently saw a study, which said that Gen Y/Millennial generation (born between 1981-2000) spend most of their time on Facebook looking through their friends profiles and they only go on company pages if the company offers jobs or discounts. I thought about it and said well that sounds about right.

And true to the study there was an increase in my millennial peers liking the PRMR Inc. Facebook page to get more information about the job offer.

Facebook is indeed an awesome tool but only for those who know how to use it. I’m no guru but I am certainly going to try to harness this power.

Go Facebook Go! Push It! (sorry thats the QC in me:D)


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