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Have you ever felt like no matter what you try to do your life was a routine? Work, home, sleep, work, home, sleep and the cycle just continues to be the same. Sometimes I just think it’s my laziness that stops me from getting up and going out there and making life more than routine but enjoyable. Most times I stay at home going crazy with boredom just because I cannot be bothered to move.

What about work? Does your work seem routine? Well depending on the field of work, some jobs require the same action daily. For instance, a packer in a factory, the only thing they do all day is packing. But we may ask what can we do about it since it is the job we are paid to do.

Well if you enjoy what you are doing then there is no problem, continue to do it, but if you are about learning and doing new things then you need to make a firm decision within yourself about what you want. Do I want to enjoy life and work and make the most out of the short years of life or do I just settle for what I get?

As a wise woman once told me, “You should be the best you can be!!”

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