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Public Relations Jobs Among The Most Stressful

Now I understand totally why I am spending so much money on hair colour every week trying to keep up with my rapidly greying head of hair. According to PR Newser, it’s my job to blame! PRNewser has quoted CareerCast list of best, worst, most stressful, and least stressful jobs for 2012. At number seven on the most stressful list is the PR executive. My dream job, My passion!

“Last year, PR officer came in at number two on this list. And in 2010, that job was number eight. This year’s determination was made for much the same reason as 2011: it’s a “highly competitive” field that requires public speaking, interaction with “potentially hostile members of the media,” and following tight deadlines. Average pay is listed as USD$91,810.

To make matters worst at PRMR Inc. we work on a number of events and in at number six of the most stressful “is event coordinator because of the special “once-in-a-lifetime, ” high visibility nature of the events these pros are called upon to coordinate.”

Despite this I could not imagine doing anything else. Ever since I had a full appreciation of the work that the public relations specialist does, it has dawned on me that I shaped every job that I’ve every had into a public relations job.

Picture this -In my first job as a netball coach with the Barbados National Sports Council, long before PR was ever on my radar as a profession; I reveled in organizing the primary schools’ netball competitions and even started a newsletter for the Council called ‘The In Swinger.’

Yes folks, its in the blood so don’t hold the greys against me. Follow the below link for the top five reasons that contribute to the job of public relations being stressful. PRNewser Link

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