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PR for Public Relations

In Barbados, in secondary school we are required to select subjects early; know and stick to a particular career path, all at the tender age of 13 or 14 despite having no world experience and certainly as the old people would say ‘never even seen a star pitch.’ For students like I was, who were unsure what they wanted to do but felt uncompelled to follow a traditional career as a lawyer, doctor or accountant; this decision probably did not come until late.

Training in necessary skills

I have never liked to be pegged to one particular area and perhaps this is why I have ultimately ended up in a career in public relations. It’s a job which necessitates that you know a lot about a number of different disciplines and involves so many different components, its pretty much impossible to get bored. How I wish that when I was in school that there were communications, PR or marketing specialists attending my career day. Unfortunately these spots were filled by the usual predictable jobs of accounting and insurance, firemen, the police and office administrators. Given the opportunity I certainly would have learnt and been intrigued by the profession and made sure that I had chosen subjects specifically to satisfy both my love for tourism and pr.

Public Relations Career

PR for Public RelationsWith the profession growing so rapidly – how is it that more students/people don’t know much about working in this field. Perhaps, the public relations profession could do with a good dose of PR itself – after all, ask the average persons what a public relations professional does and you’re usually met with an eternal blank stare. Or the classic – “wait is that marketing?”

I’m quite new to this profession; but I think its time for the public to understand fully what we do, and what we are all about. I found the below video link online via our PINTEREST; it describes the difference between marketing, branding, public relations, demand and supply – with a simple, but quite funny video.

Public Relations vs Marketing

The other video link below explains all about PR and why it should be the career of choice for our upcoming youth.

Interview with a PR Executive



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