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Being Environmentally Conscious Is Good For Business

Being environmentally conscious is great for business.

So, by now you get it that looking out for your employees and the community is good for business.  But, what about the environment?  Being environmentally conscious is also good for business. 
Obviously, being socially responsible also extends beyond just business and to Mother Earth as well.   Do you know what the above symbols mean?  How do you dispose of your waste?  How much electricity do you use?  Is there a more efficient alternative?  Are your vehicles roadworthy, or are your trucks smoking so much they could be on the verge of lung cancer?  How many trees do you cut down on a daily basis – could you use a little less paper?  Do you use harmful pesticides?  These are the kinds of questions you need to ask yourself if you are to truly take a holistic approach to your Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. It’s not just a ‘one-way street’.
In a Pew Research Institute survey on American Values, 67% of respondents said that you should pay more to protect the environment, and 90% agreed that there should be stricter laws and regulations to protect the environment.  And, guess who the laws and regulations will ultimately be for? Companies, of course! 
So, why wait to be mandated to do the right thing? The consumer has spoken.  Rack up those brownie points and be viewed as a good corporate citizen by incorporating sustainable environmental practices into your business strategy.  Go the entire distance with your Corporate Social Responsibility efforts and be rewarded with long-term customer and employee loyalty. 

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