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5 Ways Small and Micro Enterprises Could Use Public Relations

Whatever the size, all businesses should have a public relations strategy. Quite often, the belief is that public relations is only for big businesses. This misconception has led to many micro and small enterprises shying away from actively managing their reputation, thinking that this aspect of the business will take care of itself. 

How do your customers and others perceive your business? What image comes to mind when they see your company name? Is the perception good or bad? Do they even know who you are and what you do? When done right, public relations helps the company in all these areas by building relationships with customers, which translates into trust and loyalty. The question then is not whether the business can afford public relations but, rather, what is its reputation worth?

Given that a good reputation is invaluable, here are five ways small and micro size enterprises could use public relations:

  1.   Raise visibility – You can become more visible and more accessible to customers
  2.   Communicate with their target audiences – A solid public relations strategy helps you to share information with the right people
  3.   Attract new customers – public relations can help attract new customers and, by extension, increase business
  4.   Profile the business as good corporate citizens – Public relations helps firms build trust within their community. Businesses with a good reputation outperform businesses with poor reputations.
  5.   Engage employees – public relations ensures that your most valuable stakeholders are informed about and engaged with the company.

By engaging a public relations expert like PRMR Inc., you can acquire a tailor-made, comprehensive public relations campaign that can improve your company’s image and increase revenue. Check out our eBook ‘Public Relations: A Driver of Business Success’ to see how PR strategies can help grow your business.

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