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Considering the Family in Internal Communications Planning

About five years ago I wrote a blog on Why Considering the family is important in the communications process. Today, following the COVID-19 pandemic the fact that the family is important to any successful business operation should be more obvious to employers and managers.

The PRMR Inc Mother’s Day Promotion 2021 is meant to highlight the fact that the family should be one of the considerations of internal communications planning. Communication and business planning should incorporate the three Ps - profit, people, and the planet. In planning for people, the considerations could include diversity and inclusion, family structure of employees and future developmental needs. Companies that take this approach are not poorer for it, but are among some of the most successful worldwide.

For example, on the CSRlive website three dimensions used to determine the companies with the best CSR reputations include citizenship, workplace and governance. Rewarding employees fairly and promoting their well-being is key to this mix. Some of the companies included in the top 10 were Google, BMW, The Walt Disney Company and Microsoft all companies known for their people focus. Being a good corporate citizen then tends to add to the bottom-line rather than subtract. Therefore at different levels of business - human resources, communications and management - it should be recognized that employees are members of a family structure and will function even more efficiently in a company that integrates the needs of the family into its daily operations. 


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