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Internal Communications Tactics For Organisations

Internal communications is fundamental to any organisation’s success. Being open and transparent about issues such as organisational changes, special projects, business achievements and challenges, as well as daily operations, are essential. Openness and transparency keep staff informed and motivated and assists them to do their jobs properly.

Communicating and engaging with staff is also an effective way to build internal culture and ultimately align your employees to successfully achieve your business goals. Bring your employees along with you on your business journey – after all, your employees are your best assets!
Internal communications activities
There is a multitude of ways for companies to communicate with employees. Your choice of tactic will depend on your message and the type of organisation or industry you represent, however we’ve put together some general tips to help get you started with your internal communications planning.
Create an internal dialogue
Create an environment that encourages a dialogue not only between management and employees, but also between employees themselves.  Communications activities like the following with help you ensure that you are creating an internal conversation with a large number of employees:
  •          Staff-focused internal newsletter or magazine (online and print)
  •          Regular email updates
  •          Staff Intranet
  •          Staff noticeboards
  •          Regular CEO/management messages (print, video, web-based).
Value your staff
Making staff feel valued and ‘heard’ is an important part of internal communications, particularly in larger organisations where it can be common for employees to feel lost in the crowd. Communications activities that will emphasise the value of your staff include: 
  •          Employee awards and recognition
  •          Regular staff training and educational opportunities
  •          Feedback opportunities, surveys, and ‘suggestion boxes’
  •          Performance reviews and regular meetings.
Make it more than just about work
Making your business culture more than just about work will undoubtedly improve employee relations, and hence your business productivity. Providing more socially-based activities has the advantage of bringing teams or individuals together who may not get to interact on a daily basis, as well as potentially ease any work-related tensions. And, employees are more likely to feel committed to an organisation that recognises that life is more than just about work. Make time to step away from the day-to-day working activities and try one or more of the following:
  •          Staff parties eg end of year Christmas party
  •          ‘Social club’ and related activities eg ‘pizza day’, ‘family day’
  •          Lifestyle activities eg yoga and meditation classes
  •          Team building days.
Evaluate your methods
Don’t forget to evaluate your methods. Find out what’s working, and what isn’t. What do your employees like? What don’t they like? What kinds of things do they want to know? And, what kinds of things can they live without?
Continuously auditing your internal communications activities will go a long way to ensuring as many of your employees are receiving your messages as possible, and in the most appropriate format for them.
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