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Of Planes and Service

I could not help but jump all over this “I love JetBlue -- Customer Service Done Right” story in Forbes, especially after Mariama brought up the topic of customer service in her blog last week. Being a bit of a flight snob myself, Jet Blue never appealed to me because there is no business class service. The current economic climate however forced me to revaluate how I spend my money and since the back and front of the plane arrives at the same time, I made the decision that flying first/business class was one of those non-essential luxuries that could be cut.

In 2010, when I packed my bags and headed off to Vancouver to pursue my ABC accreditation I decided to give Jet Blue a try - The wonderful equalizer plane that has everyone on the same level.

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Good Going Senator Kerry-Ann IFill

This is a wonderful age to be living in - electricity, telephony, air travel, Satelites in outer space, A Black American President and now a blind woman, President of the Barbados Senate. Good going Kerry-Ann Ifill. This is brilliant on 2 counts: first female President and a differently abled person to boot.

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Of Boys And Winners of the Barbados Port Inc Essay Competition

I love kids. Especially boys. And another boy stole my heart yesterday at the Barbados Port Inc.’s 50th Anniversary Schools’ Essay Competition Awards Ceremony. He was so small that the Hilton Hotel staff had to put in a riser for him to stand on to read his winning essay in the 9-11 age group.

ZahRah Yaycobe A Yaycobe of The Rock Christian Primary School was awesome. His winning essay was nothing short of creative and his delivery was brilliant. One of the very pleasant musings from this competition was that if our men and boys are under threat from females, then they must be on the come back as boys won out in two of the three categories.

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