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10 Ways To Show You Love Barbados This Independence

Independence and Christmas are in the air. The colours blue, yellow and black will be a prominent sight as you move around the country. This is one of the busiest times for public relations practitioners and event planners. Normally everywhere is booked up by now and everything that is blue, yellow and black is sold out as planning for this season can start as early as a year in advance. Not to worry, there are still some things you can do if you are a late planner, some quite inexpensive or free and some that will demand a budget. Here are 10 ways to show you love Barbados this Independence.

1. Fly The Flag Outside The Building Or Even Outside Your House

Persons in the United States are known for demonstrating their nationalism with the use of the national flag. It is amazing to see even householders putting up flags outside their homes. Motor car sales business also are known for using lots of their country’s flags outside the business especially if they sell American cars. If you don’t have a Bajan flag you should go out and get one.

2. Adopt A Roundabout 

There are tons of roundabouts in Barbados in need of care. Choose one and make it stand out not only with your branding but also in its aesthetics. Adopting a part of the island to take care of is a truly philanthropic and nationalistic gesture.

3. Light The Building Blue And Gold 

Lighting up for November is one way to stand out. Showing your nationalism in lights can
also carry over to making the business jovial at Christmas. Initiatives like this are taken for
granted, but they subliminally help to get both staff and customers in a good mood to do

4. Wrap The Building In Bunting Of The National Colours

You may think that only government building should be wrapped in national colours bunting but this is not the case. The discretionary decision of a company to engage in this practice demonstrates nationalism of the highest degree. Do it and your love of your country is sealed.

5. Use The 100% Bajan Logo On Your Products If You Qualify To Do So 

The Barbados Manufacturers Association has a great promotion in their 100% Bajan sales initiative. At this time of the year, this takes on greater meaning which manufacturers should capitalise on. Get your dual benefit of demonstrating your love for Barbados and attracting direct sales all in one.

6. Be A Sponsor Of NIFCA

NIFCA is about the celebration of Barbadian talent and culture. Having your brand associated with this event demonstrates you are putting your money where your heart is. Go ahead and help this event to thrive, which is a nursery for our developing cultural industry. 

7. Advertise In the Independence Features

Around this time all of our local newspapers have Independence features. I would advocate putting an ad in one of them to wish Barbados a 'Happy Independence' for the immediate, but most of all residual benefits doing so brings. This keepsake will be around as a reference tool for years to come and 75 and 100 years from now when we are celebrating these milestones your company will be there among others who demonstrated nationalism from generations past, a wonderful legacy to leave of your stewardship.

8. Post A Happy Independence Banner on Your Website And Social Media Platforms

We should not leave out new media. This is an inexpensive way to demonstrate not just locally but to the world your love of the island and your nationalism.

9. Plan an Independence Event For Stakeholders

An event, more than anything else, demonstrates your commitment to a cause, as they demand a lot of time and financial resource. I would suggest giving yourself a good lead time and involving a lot of persons to ensure success. Let your stakeholders take responsibility for the event let them feel it is their own so that they would be vested in its success. You can become known as being very nationalistic for a successful Independence event.

10. Wear Your Independence Colours To Work on Casual Fridays

Giving employees a branded polo shirt in the Independence colours to wear on Fridays during November is a small gesture that reaps big rewards. Employees love having 'casuals Fridays' and it puts them in a better mood to work. Your brand goes with them and you also demonstrate your nationalism - a win-win proposition.

These are my 10 ways that you can show your nationalism this independence. This list is not exhaustive, I would love to add to it next year so please share your ideas with me on other ways a company can demonstrate its nationalism. Please don’t say pay taxes lol.

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