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The Perils of Punctutation - The Comma Part II

The comma is one of the hardest working forms of punctuation. It does not matter the type of piece that is being written; whether press releases, scripts or speeches, commas are an integral part of written language. In part 2 of the series on the Perils of Punctuation, I invite you to review some more uses for the comma.


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Its Time to Break the Social Media Stigma

Public Relations practitioners and communicators in general took social media for granted for a long time but now these social communities are the best and biggest things since slice bread. Everyday I open my email there is another invitation to attend a conference, seminar, webinar etc. on some social media tool like this one today for example from Amy Jefferies, 
Communications Director
 PR News.

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PR Practitioners: Time to Go Pro Bono

Having worked in an NGO environment at home here in Barbados, and at the Caribbean and international levels; I know that public relations is one of the major tools in the arsenal of these organisations.

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