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How to Communicate to Employees that it is Safe to Return to the Office Following the Pandemic

In 2020 working from home throughout the world became a norm as employee safety was threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote work activities that some companies previously viewed with skepticism became the savior for some, making them even more efficient than ever before. For example, Sagicor’s Rookie of the Year (Life), Akindele Licorish spoke of the benefits of working from home to his peers as being able to have more meetings with potential clients and being able to get documents approved quicker since corrections and signing could now be done online without the normal time-wasting commutes. 

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Managing Corporate Reputation During A Health Crisis - 5 Public Relations Tips

After months of zero community spread of COVID-19, Barbados’ euphoric COVID-19 bubble burst at the end of 2020. This meant that the government and several companies were faced with a new crisis, that if not managed properly, could threaten both political and corporate currencies. While most of the companies directly impacted fared pretty well with their communications efforts, the government, however, lost some goodwill as its initial communication was interpreted negatively by the populace. 

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