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Measuring Success in Communications

As a communications consultant, have you ever walked into a meeting with a business and at the end of your pitch been asked – “What is the ROI if we utilise your services?”

Now, as communications professionals we know our worth and we know what value we can bring to an organisation but how do we prove it?

Communication Measurement is a rapidly changing field and new techniques are constantly being introduced. With PR News’ PR Measurement Conference coming up in May, we wanted to look at – Why is Measurement Important in the area of Communication?

1. Companies pay attention to figures. If you want to get the attention of a company, you need to show how your services will impact their bottom line.

2. It adds to your credibility – measurements can be proven and tested.

3. It will push you to improve. We all need a little nudge sometimes and measurement data can show you where you are and where you can go.

There is a lot of discussion around communication measurement methodologies. No matter which methodology you use, the important thing is just get it done.


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