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Blues & Moods

One of the most demotivating and demoralising experiences in any working environment is dealing with a moody employee, be it your boss or a co-worker. Sometimes it seems as if they are directing anger from their personal lives toward you.

First of all, in my opinion, the mood of a manager or supervisor can have an effect on the team they lead or the organization on a whole. If you are grumpy or angry you pass that onto your subordinate and then the subordinate out of anger passes it on to others and therefore productivity suffers.

The disposition of employees can also impact negatively on the organization as employees transfer their mood to customers in their interactions. Even other employees who may be valuable to the organization can be the targets of moody employees and may leave the organization as a result of feeling uncomfortable.

To be honest we are all human and there is only so much our minds can handle and its not everyday most people will be cheerful or feel to be involved. However, in light of the negative impact their actions can have I think that training and workshops focused on psychology can help. Maybe, given how bad the situation is in the organization, counseling can arranged.

For managers and supervisors I recommend that they take a psychology class preferably psychology for business. These classes equip managers and supervisors with the knowledge needed to have an understanding of human behaviour, group dynamics, teams, managing conflict, anger and frustration and working with difficult and counterproductive behavior.

Having this knowledge can also help managers to examine themselves and make improvements on their own behavior in the workplace.

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