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Partial Closure Of The Lewis/Wickham Boardwalk In Bridgetown

Barbados Port Inc. (BPI) today announced that a section of the Lewis/Wickham Boardwalk in Bridgetown will be closed for refurbishment from Monday, June 27, 2016, for a period of six to eight weeks, to allow contractors, PNC Construction and Equipment Rentals Inc., to do refurbishment work on a section of the boardwalk, between the lift bridge and the lights by Cheffette Restaurants.
Speaking on behalf of Barbados Port Inc., Divisional Manager, Corporate Development, and Strategy, Kenneth Atherley stated that the need for repairs to this particular section of the boardwalk was due to wear and tear on this heavily utilized walkway.  The divisional manager therefore appealed to the public to be understanding and patient during this period of dislocation.  
During the construction, the pedestrian crossway will be temporally relocated to the Northern end of the Chamberlain Lift Bridge crossing into Heroes Square. The BPI is advising that pedestrians and drivers should be mindful of the construction, approach the area with caution and adhere to the additional traffic signage that will be in place.
Boat users who access the boat steps and landing for commercial purposes in this section of the boardwalk will be required to use the landing on the Western side of the Chamberlain Bridge to load and offload passengers and supplies.