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MSC Orchestra Makes Inaugural Call

Caption: Harbour Master Richard Alleyne, and Captain Corrado Iaconis

The MSC Cruise vessel MSC Orchestra is the latest cruise ship to make an inaugural visit to Barbados.  The line has been in the Caribbean for three years but this season marks its first call on the Bridgetown Port.

Italian captain, Master Corrado Iaconis said that the ship usually sails in the Mediterranean but is in the Caribbean just for the season, taking in two new Northern and Southern Caribbean routes from its Forte-de-France homeport.  Barbados is on its Southern route along with St. Lucia, Trinidad, St. Kitts, Grenada and Dominica.

“Our guests love to come to the Caribbean for the sea and sun.  You do not get this in Europe, the cruises are more historical but here in the Caribbean our guests get the historical experience and the sea and sun, and they love that,” Captain Iaconis said, as he greeted the officials gathered for the customary plaque exchange. 

Harbour Master, Richard Alleyne welcomed the Captain and presented him with Barbados’ plaque made of local mahogany and invited the cruise line to make more calls to the island.

On this trip MSC Orchestra carried 2800 passengers and 943 crew representing 42 different nationalities.  According to Captain Iaconis, the ship has “a good global community with many nationalities and religions.”