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Barbados Port Inc (BPI) Celebrates Shipping Industry Stalwart’s 40 years of service

Bridgetown, Barbados – March 25, 2013 – After four decades of outstanding service to the shipping industry in Barbados and the Caribbean, Mr. Glyne St. Hill will be testing the waters of retirement this year. At a recent ceremony hosted by the Barbados Port Inc. (BPI), St. Hill’s contributions to the industry were celebrated and he was hailed as a stalwart and pioneer.

Commencing his working life within the computer division at Barbados Shipping & Trading (BS&T), St. Hill quickly moved into the area of shipping and has never looked back. With little training and no experience, he joined the team at DaCosta & Musson where, as he recalls, he “was thrown into the sea and told to swim ashore.” Progressing through the ranks, he was exposed to training in every area of shipping via the Caribbean Shipping Association (CSA).

In 1996, St. Hill was elected to serve as a floor member of the Shipping Association of Barbados (SAB). He then became Vice-President followed by President of the SAB. He was also elected to the CSA and served for a period of three years.

Chief Executive Officer of BPI, David Jean Marie, spoke glowingly of St. Hill and his inspiring career. “Glyne has done a tremendous job, both in his previous role as President of the Shipping Association of Barbados (SAB) and during our time together with the Caribbean Shipping Association (CSA). On behalf of the BPI, I wish him a long and healthy retirement and all the best in his future endeavours.”

At his retirement St. Hill was serving as Immediate Past President of the SAB and working as a Manager within the shipping department of Dacosta Mannings Inc. Accepting the gift from BPI, he thanked everyone present for their support and kind words.


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