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Good Going Senator Kerry-Ann IFill

This is a wonderful age to be living in - electricity, telephony, air travel, Satelites in outer space, A Black American President and now a blind woman, President of the Barbados Senate. Good going Kerry-Ann Ifill. This is brilliant on 2 counts: first female President and a differently abled person to boot.

I met Kerry-Ann years ago when I was coordinating the Nation’s Healthy Lifestyle Programme. Seeing her again this year at the Row2Recovery press conference I was blown away because I did not expect that she would have remembered me. But of course she did and not only that, she enquired on how my son was doing? What a phenomenal woman. Maya Angelou I am sure would be honoured to be associated with the young Senator.

Currently reading the book Think and Grow Rich, A Black Choice by Dennis Kimbro and Napoleon Hill, I could not help but think what a phenomenal thinker Kerry-Ann must be, being blind yet accomplishing all that she has, while we have persons in our society with perfectly good eye sight, healthy and abled squandering away they lives, looking for someone to blame for their misfortunes when according to Kimbro and Hill they are the ones creating their reality daily through negative thoughts.

This is a wonderful day for Barbados. And it is a particularly good one for people with disabilities who were years ago marginalized and shut-in, hidden from society. Congratulations to the entire community, this appointment as in Kerry-Ann’s words could not have come at a better time, this being the Month of the Disabled.

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