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CEO of Export Barbados (BIDC) To Present at the Vienna Energy Forum 2021

Recently appointed CEO of Export Barbados, the government agency formerly known as the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC), Mark Hill will be a keynote presenter at the Vienna Energy Forum (VEF) slated for July 5-7.

The VEF’s motto is “Where Action Meets Ambition” and it will be virtual for the first time this year. It is designed to facilitate dialog on sustainable energy across sectors to stimulate development and boost the productive capacity of countries. According to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) the event is a flagship platform designed to spur action and will be attended by senior government officials and leading experts in the energy domain. Key topics that advance sustainable development in the energy sector are to be discussed.

Hill, who is widely known locally for his passion for renewable energy said that he was delighted that he could represent Barbados to share his ideas on the industry and to gain insights into new innovations in energy happening worldwide. “My job is to reposition Export Barbados as one of the leading trade export organizations in the world. Sustainability is to be our hallmark and I am also focusing on building our systems to international standards, our data, our structures and particularly for small island developing states (SIDS). I expect that the high-level sharing that this forum offers will help to bring us one step closer to reaching this goal,” Hill said.

In the context of climate change, SIDS are faced with unique challenges as demonstrated by this year’s early hurricane season. The Executive Dialogue panel to which Hill will contribute is on July 7 and focuses on ‘The Climate Imperative: Spotlight on Small Island Developing States’.  The dialogue will place the spotlight on SIDS highlighting approaches to strengthening cooperation to support these countries in accessing the technical capacity, funding, and technology for the promotion of a Blue Economy.

The VEF notes that the concept of a Blue Economy seeks to promote economic growth, social inclusion, and the preservation or enhancement of livelihood while ensuring environmental sustainability of the ocean, coastal areas, and global climate.  The conferences’ focus aligns with the new direction of Export Barbados which is innovation and export support particularly focusing on the biotech industry.