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Barbados’ 2018 Commonwealth Games Contingent arrives in Australia

All 68 members of the Barbados contingent participating in the Commonwealth Games have now taken up residence in the Games Village. The Barbados Flag was officially raised in the village yesterday April 3 at 4 pm.  Overall, the village is now well populated with almost all countries resident.  
 Chef de Mission, Cameron Burke said that the team has been preparing for the Games as soon as they arrived. “Training wise, our athletes have been making good use of the training opportunities afforded to them and have been hard at work readying themselves for the games. No injuries have been reported. At the same time, the medical staff is also preparing themselves to provide quality medical care for our athletes.”
Cameron continued, “As Chef de Mission, I am very pleased with the organization so far exhibited by the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC). As is expected, there will be challenges, but these have been in the minority and once highlighted, have been addressed with alacrity and professionalism. This augurs well for the Games, which is already developing into what can be rated as the best Commonwealth Games. Clearly, the Organising Committee listened and addressed all contentious areas raised at the Chef de Mission meeting in October 2017 and have also addressed the weaknesses of Melbourne 2006, India 2010 and Glasgow 2014.”
Cameron’s role as Chef de Mission is the general management of Team Barbados, and his duties include, but are not limited to, rooming, disciplinary matters, travel arrangements and uniforms.
There are 45 athletes and 21 team officials representing the island from 11 sporting disciplines.  The Games take place from April 4 – 15, Gold Coast, Australia.

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