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Carnival Elation Makes Her First Call to The Bridgetown Port

 Caption: Harbour Master Richard Alleyne presenting the traditional Barbados mahogany plaque to Staff Captain Salvatore Scala surrounded by Elation’s officers and officials from Platinum Port Agency, Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc, Bridgetown Cruise Terminals Inc. and BPI.
The Carnival Elation from Carnival Cruise Lines made her inaugural call to the Bridgetown Port on Sunday
The ship was previously based in New Orleans offering four and five-day cruises to Mexico but changed its itinerary earlier this year to home port from San Juan. On this trip the new eleven-day ‘Journeys Cruise’ which started in San Juan takes in Barbados, Grenada, Scarborough, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and St. Thomas-USV before finishing in Jacksonville Florida.
Acting on behalf of the ship’s captain Salvatore Messina, Staff Captain Salvatore Scala said that he was pleased to be visiting Barbados after 10 years when he first arrived on the Carnival Spirit.  “On behalf of Captain Messina it is a pleasure to have you on board and for us to be here in the beautiful island of Barbados. We look forward to visiting the island again during the year,” Scala said.
Harbour Master of Barbados Port Inc. (BPI), Richard Alleyne gave a warm welcome to the ship’s officers on behalf of the official party and the Government of Barbados. “It is always a pleasure to welcome a new ship in port and doubly so on this occasion based on the rich history that we share  with Carnival.  We wish Captain Messina a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing Elation back in Barbados in the near future,” Alleyne said.
Officials from Platinum Port Agency, Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc, Bridgetown Cruise Terminals Inc. and BPI were on hand to welcome Elation’s officers. Elation was just on the island for a few hours but is scheduled to return on Friday April 15. On this trip she carried 2082 guests predominantly from the USA and 875 crew from over 100 nationalities.  
The 2015-16 cruise season climaxes at the end of the month.  This has been one of the most successful cruise seasons boasting a record 16 inaugural calls.