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Barbados Olympic Association & IGT: Celebrating 25 years of growth, partnership and collaboration

Today, Thursday January 30, The Barbados Olympic Association Inc. (BOA) commemorates 25 years of partnership with IGT, managers and operators of The Barbados Lottery.

We celebrate a relationship that spans back to 1995, the days of Olympio On-Line Lotteries and top Lottery games ‘Power Play’ and ‘Double Draw’.

Fast forward to 2020 and now as The Barbados Lottery, we all enjoy a host of Lottery games which include the long-standing  ‘Double Draw’, as well as ‘Mega 6’, ‘Super Lotto’,

‘Pick 3 & Pick 4’, ‘Express Cash’, ‘Keno’ and dozens of Scratch and Win games.

Proceeds from the sale of these games remain vital to the BOA in fulfilling our mandate as a national sporting organisation.

With unwavering commitment and support, our joint collaborative efforts have propelled innovative successes and growth in sports development over the past 25 years.

And today, we are both excited to celebrate this milestone and look forward to many more years of service in the advancement of sports in Barbados.”

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