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Bridgetown, BARBADOS. May 4, 2012. In response to the news reports in the Barbados Advocate of Tuesday, April 24, 2012 (New Port Charges A Step Backward: Review Necessary), and in the Midweek Nation of Wednesday, April 25, 2012 (Demurrage Charge a Backward Step), Barbados Port Inc. and Shipping Association of Barbados wish to correct the inaccuracies in these stories and to inform the public that demurrage is not a Barbados Port Inc. charge.

Demurrage is a standard clause in shipping contracts between the shipping lines and consignees, which levy a charge for excess days that containers are kept. A private company, external to the Port, is collecting this fee on behalf of the shipping lines in Barbados.

We further wish to advise that excess storage charges for cargo consigned to returning nationals (Barbados Networkers) and to the diplomatic corps is waived 100% on presentation of the appropriate documentation.

Barbados Port Inc. and Shipping Association of Barbados have been meeting regularly with stakeholders including the Barbados Chamber of Commerce, Barbados Manufacturers Association and Customs Brokers and Clerks Association to discuss issues affecting the local maritime industry.

It is unfortunate that clarification was not sought from Barbados Port Inc. and Shipping Association of Barbados on this matter, and that these misleading statements appearing in the press were attributed to someone who has sufficient workingknowledge of the local maritime sector, who therefore should know better.

In light of the foregoing, and in fairness to the public, Barbados Port Inc and Shipping Association of Barbados feel that the errors and misstatements in the newspaper reports should be publicly highlighted and clarified. We also call on the parties involved to make the appropriate retractions.

In the meantime, Barbados Port Inc. and Shipping Association of Barbados will continue to place our stakeholders and customers at the forefront of our operations.