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For the love of it!

Working at PRMR Inc., I have come to love the work that I do for the first time. Not only do I want to come to work in the morning but also I actually wake early enough to make breakfast and eat it before leaving home. This has never happened before.

I would say my love for my job came as a result of the great atmosphere within the agency and the appreciation that is given to my contribution. This really makes me feel good about myself.

It is difficult for us employees to put what we consider all of our effort into something for it then to be shot down without what seems to be little or no consideration. Employers can help in this area by using tact in the way they object or say things. This goes a long way. Yes you have to give direction but at the same time be tactful.

What I do now when there is a problem highlighted with my performance is to use the criticism as a stepping-stone to perform better. Honestly at one point in time I would have just been angry and remained that way for an entire day. But that was because I didn’t have a love for my previous job.

No matter how good you are at performing a task you are only great at it when you have a love for what you do. In my opinion, you are only able to excel and have great insight into things when you have genuine love for the work you are performing.

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