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Sirena latest cruise ship to visit

Posted by admin admin on Nov 28, 2016 2:53:23 PM

After 50 years Barbados is just as attractive as it has ever been.  This endorsement came from Captain Giulio Ressa of the Oceania Cruises’ Sirena on Friday as he welcomed officials from Barbados Port Inc and Platinum Port Agency on board the luxury liner for the customary exchange of plaques ceremony hosted for an inaugural visit.
Sailing on a twenty-eight-day cruise, the Captain said that both crew and guests were happy to arrive in Barbados and to tour the island. “It is a pleasure to be in Barbados.  I was here before years ago on some other vessels.  You have beautiful beaches and good rum, Captain Ressa said.  He continued, “this was a long trip starting out of New York, so we fully appreciate being able to stop here.”
Kenneth Atherley, Divisional Manager Corporate Development and Strategy of the BPI welcomed the Captain and his charge to the island.  “We extend a warm welcome to you, and I trust that the island would be as enjoyable for your crew and guests as it has been for you in the past.  We value the cruise industry and the relationship that we have with Oceania so we hope that you would report back that all is well in Barbados and that we look forward to welcoming more ships from the Oceania line shortly,” said Atherley.
Sirena normally carries 680 passengers, but due to the length of the current cruise which started before the elections in the US, there are just 400 passengers on board.  The premium upper-class cruise will make about ten stops before returning to New York. 

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