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On the heels of a very informative webinar from the last IABC webinar touting the benefits of PINTEREST -'PRMR Inc is now an official 'pinner.' We have already started to post a few images on our pin boards; about Styling for the PR Practitioner (my favorite, which will undoubtedly have the most pins), Favourite Places and Spaces and PR Books for Dummies. All of the topics I am sure people will certainly enjoy.

As I was browsing for some cool content for Pinterest, my attention turned to the now popular Internet memes. While I admit that I did not know the name for these interesting 'storyboards' I did what any Gen Y does when they don't know the answer to anything; I Googled it! Sure enough I found out what they were and then I found a definition available from Wikipedia. It seems that memes aren't as new as I thought and are an important tool used by Public relations, advertising, and marketing professionals. They have embraced Internet memes as a form of viral marketing and guerrilla marketing to create marketing "buzz" for their product or service. The practice of using memes to market products or services is known as memetic marketing.

Here are a few memes below that I find quite funny. Just for you PR practitioners and Communications gurus out there: