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7 Logo Design Mistakes You May Be Guilty Of

Posted by admin admin on Aug 18, 2011 4:51:51 PM

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Designing logos can be a fun challenge for an organisation. Fun because the process can uncover hidden talent with in the organization and a challenging because if you are building a corporate brand the logo must be strong in conveying the heart of your company and what it represents. Here are a few logo design pitfalls. Have you fallen into any of these categories as a designer or manager purchasing your company’s logo?

1. Unoriginal Design & Vague
Your corporate logo should be original, unique and memorable to your client/target market. There isn’t anything worst than having the same icon as another company with your name instead of theirs. Create a logo that is relevant to the field of business you want to grow and develop. Every logo should convey a message to the viewer. The Logo often communicates who you are long belong person-to-person interaction.
2. Rasterized & Unable to be used in Grayscale.
Your logo needs to be scalable so you should design it using Adobe Illustrator or some other vector software. One important thing to remember about logos is that they frequently will be used in strictly grayscale circumstances (Faxes, copies, one-color prints). Make your logo as powerful in both color and black & white.
3. Too complicated or Too Fancy.
Many new designers try to complicate their logos by adding too much detail, too many words, taglines, etc. Keep it simple. You’ll be more memorable. For the most part, you should avoid excessive bevels, shadows, textures, filters. This will allow your logo to be used across many mediums.
4. Typography Issues.
There are a number of common mistakes that are frequently made when designing a logo. Don’t use fonts like Curlz or Papyrus to create your logo. Try using simple, professional, legible fonts. (Unless of course the target audience calls for something different). Try to stick to one font-style (maximum of two) in your logo design. This rule is especially true when you are doing JUST the logo design and not any of the other design work.
5. Clipart.
This is simply taking the easy way out. Create original artwork for your client and they will thank you.
6. Too Abstract.
While an abstract logo can be very professional-looking for a company, what does it really say to the customer? “We weren’t really sure how to visually represent what we do or how you will benefit from our services, so here’s a square with a circle thingy”.
7. Poor Combination of Colors.
Remember, green tends to reflect eco-friendly companies, red and green means Christmas. Try to match the colors to your target audience.