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PRMR Inc. was tasked to produce seven country-specific dossiers on the work of PAHO in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Countries over an eighteen-month period. These reports were to identify what was done, how it was done, and the resources required to accomplish the same. The dossiers outlined PAHO’s achievements, innovations, challenges encountered, and the lessons learnt, based on the PAHO COVID-19 Response Plan.


Project Approach

The approach taken to compile the dossiers, looked at the PAHO’s activities from the perspective of Inputs, Outputs, Outcomes and Outtakes. These four indicators guided the approach to researching and producing the seven country-specific dossiers and one integrated dossier on PAHO’s work in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean during the period.


Records were made of what was done, how it was done, and the resources required.

In addition to documents presented by PAHO, it was recommended that further optional research be done on social and traditional media, particularly Twitter and newspapers, whose content was readily available for the period. A search for any mention of PAHO was conducted and a sentiment analysis was performed on the returned data.

A more robust empirical addition was conducted on the content of social and traditional media, to assess PAHO’s agenda building influence over the period. This was to determine whether its activities were able to influence the media agenda and, by extension, the public agenda.



PAHO was able to determine if there was any attitude or behavior change because of the technical cooperation from the dossiers, which outlined the work done and resources utilized by the countries.

Each dossier had a similar approach and the final documents were professionally designed in a booklet form and presented as a PDF.

Project Timeline

November 2021 - January 2022