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US Charity based in Barbados donates to the Barbados Diabetes Foundation

The Vaterstetten Foundation is the latest contributor to the Barbados Diabetes Foundation (BDF).

Andrew Thornhill, an attorney-at-law and Director of the Vaterstetten Foundation, a charitable organisation that works predominately with children and in health, told representatives of the BDF recently that the Vaterstetten Foundation has been based in Barbados for the last seven years.#160 He said that despite the fact that their work is done primarily in Sant#233 Fe, New Mexico, the organisation felt that being based in Barbados, they should also contribute to the Barbadian society.

"The directors of the Vaterstetten Foundation felt passionately that Barbados should be more than just a domicile for charitable efforts, and that they should also make a contribution to the local society.#160 We therefore started our local outreach last year by making a donation to the Barbados Cancer Society and this year we are pleased to be associated with the BDF in the work it is doing to improve diabetes outcomes in Barbados. The Foundation felt that both these diseases are impacting significantly on the lives of Barbadians and therefore wanted to help the organisations mandated to lead the fight against them.#8221

Representing the Barbados Diabetes Foundation, Chairman, Dr. Oscar Jordan thanked Mr. Thornhill and told him that the contribution was welcomed. #8220We have a far way to go in stamping out diabetes in Barbados.#160 High on our agenda this year is the limb salvage fund where we are trying to help Barbadians save their feet.#160 We have over 200 amputees a year and growing.#160#160 This contribution will go far in helping someone save a limb.#8221