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Early Childhood Education, the answer to Region's Youth Problems

Powerful evidence from one study after another proves that high quality care in the first years of life can greatly reduce the risk that today's babies and toddlers will become tomorrow's violent teens and adults. High quality early learning and care is one of the most powerful weapons against crime, while poor early childhood education multiplies the risk that children will grow up to be a threat to society.

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Scope for Prosthetic Limb Creation in Barbados

There is scope for Barbados to create its own prosthetic limbs to fit many amputees on the island.

This observation was made by the President of the Barbados Diabetes Foundation, Dr. Oscar Jordan, who noted that while this may be a long way in coming, such a facility could assist in the rehabilitation of amputees, recognising that there are over 200 amputations performed annually in Barbados.

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Call for Barbadians to get Active

In spite of the high number of persons on this island being diagnosed with chronic non-communicable diseases on an annual basis, almost half the adult population is engaged in low physical activity.

According to Dr. Kenneth George, Senior Medical Officer of Health with responsibility for chronic non-communicable diseases, this "shocking" fact was revealed in a recently conducted risk factor survey.

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$111 000 to fight Diabetes

Esso Standard Oil Ltd, members of their dealers and staff, on Tuesday February 9, handed over a cheque of just over $111 000 to the Barbados Diabetes Foundation to help in the fight against the dreaded disease which is responsible for well over 200 amputations in Barbados anually.

The presentation was made to Dr. Oscar Jordan at the company's headquarter's on the Spring Garden Highway by Chief Executive Officer Mr. Cally Boyea.

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Call for Exhibitors for Diabetes Global Village

Barbados has one of the highest rates of Diabetes globally and nearly everyday someone has an amputation related to diabetes. It is for this reason that the Barbados Diabetes Foundation has renewed its efforts to put the disease high on the publics agenda and is calling on the private sector to get on board in the fight against this remorseless disease, through exhibiting at the 3rd annual Global Village Expo.

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Step-by-Step Foot Care Project Launches In Barbados

Barbados' high amputee rate is about to go down. So says podiatrist Simone McConnie, Chief Operating Officer of the Barbados Diabetes Foundation. This is to be achieved through the Step-by-Step Diabetes Foot Care Project to be launched this weekend at the Pan American Health Organization. The two day workshop is a joint effort between the Barbados Diabetes Foundation, Rotary Club of Barbados South and the Ministry of Health.

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