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New allergy testing and treatment service at Bayview Hospital


(To get tested call - 246-436-5446)

Bayview Hospital has launched a new allergy testing and treatment service which sees the Hospital now accepting patients for allergy-related care. Given the increasingly high incidence of asthma and allergic rhinitis, this new service is a very important addition to Bayview Hospital, as well as to Barbados.

New Hospital Administrator, Julie Reid said that she was proud to be able to launch this new service on her first official day as Hospital Administrator. “The introduction of Bayview’s new allergy testing and treatment centre comes at an opportune time. With the retirement of two of Bayview’s senior managers in Assistant Administrator, Lynda Lewis and Hospital Administrator, Winifred Edwards, this service can be seen as symbolic of the new direction in which Bayview is headed to build on the outstanding work of these forerunners,” she said.

The treatment centre, which is being headed by Dr. Hilary Moore, former Senior Registrar in Accident and Emergency at QEH, is offering allergy testing for airborne and contact allergens such as dust mites, fungi and pollen from grasses and trees, as well as for insect envenomation like bee stings. It will also provide allergy treatment focusing on airborne allergens associated with asthma and allergic rhinitis, and insect envenomation.

Dr. Moore has a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience in allergies. She also spent the month of November last year training in Israel on various aspects of allergy diagnosis and treatment. “During this time, I worked alongside internationally respected Allergy and Immunology specialist Professor Menachem Rottem and was trained in allergy diagnosis using skin prick and patch testing, as well as in the immunotherapy treatment of allergies associated with asthma and allergic rhinitis,” she says.

Recent allergy research findings have revealed using immunotherapy to treat the allergic component of asthma and allergic rhinitis reduces their severity and ultimately improves a person’s quality of life, therefore this new service is set to provide welcome relief to allergy sufferers.

The allergy testing and treatment service is currently being operated from the Diagnostic Clinic right next to Bayview Hospital in Beckles Road, St. Michael.