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MoU signed between CANOC and The UWI

The Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC) has joined forces with The University of the West Indies (UWI) to advance sports in the Caribbean region.

 During CANOC's 21st Annual General Assembly opening ceremony at the Hilton Barbados Resort on Sunday, October 8, the organisation announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with The UWI. The MoU was initialled by CANOC's President, Keith Joseph, and the Dean of the Faculty of Sports at The UWI, Dr. Akshai Mansingh.

President Joseph expressed CANOC's eagerness to collaborate with The UWI to promote sports development across the Caribbean. He highlighted the significance of the MoU as a crucial milestone in the region’s sporting agenda, as CANOC has long appreciated the importance of partnering with The UWI to establish a secure repository of the region's sporting history, athletes, and engagements. Adding to his comments, Barbados' Minister of Youth, Sport and Community Empowerment, Charles Griffith, praised the agreement, insisting that it will contribute significantly to the development of sports in the region at a pace that they can all be proud of.

 Meanwhile, Dr. Mansingh, who has responsibility for the sports academies throughout The UWI network, spoke of the faculty’s commitment to ensuring that sportsmen and women in the region can pursue education and sports at home rather than having to travel overseas.

He said the Faculty of Sport has top-notch programmes to raise the skills of athletes and coaches alike. Moreover, he stated the coaching certificates available through The UWI are designed to lift the level of coaching in the Caribbean, awarding the certificates based on what they learn and not simply for participating.

Dr. Mansingh added there is, therefore, an opportunity for considerable educational cooperation through the MoU, including short courses in injury prevention and management and fitness testing and benchmarking. He also noted the significant need for sports research in the region and stated that the MoU would help meet this need - the University will provide the framework, while CANOC will provide the necessary structure and resources.

The MoU will be in place for a period of three years.