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Active Caribbean Workshop Opens Tomorrow

The first Active Caribbean Workshop, hosted by the Faculty of Medical Sciences, UWI, Cave Hill was launched on Friday, March 6 at the Accra Hotel & Resort by the Minister of Health, the Hon. Donville Inniss M.P.

The two-day workshop follows on the heels of the Healthy Caribbean 2008 Conference that sets out a framework declaration to guide the Caribbean's response to its Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases epidemic.

Chairman of the workshop Prof. Henry Fraser said that emphasis would be on action. There have been many talk shops in the past, but what we want to achieve is action, building on the Healthy Caribbean Conference & Declaration. We intend coming out of the workshop to launch a number of community wide activity projects which will encourage persons to exercise and get moving.

We are pleased that beside the line up of our local experts, we have been able to secure the participation of two world renowned activity specialists in Dr. Victor Matsudo of the successful Agita Brazil and Agita Mundo programmes, and Dr. Gil Penalosa who has made it his life's passion to improve quality of life through the promotion of walking and bicycling as regular activities and the promotion of Parks, Trails and other Public Spaces as Great Places which foster healthier communities with happier residents.

Among the areas that will be focused on are the built environment, culture and media, the schools programmes, integrating exercise and healthcare, popular sports and gyms and integrating physical activity into everyday life. The attendees will include country physical activity focal points and representatives from diverse sectors including health, sports, education, workplace activity opportunities and urban planning.