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IABC Barbados Announces New Executive

Incoming President Dr. Pamala Proverbs keen to reeducate the public on PR’s true role


Public relations practitioners on the island are being challenged to commit to continuous education if they want the profession to be taken seriously. So says newly installed President of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Barbados, Dr. Pamala Proverbs, following the Association's 2021 elections on November 24.  

Dr. Proverbs, managing director of PRMR Inc., said she and her executive, will be working assiduously in the new year to reeducate the public on the true role and function of the public relations profession.

“I want to see us at the table advising senior leaders on matters of organizational importance, such as employee engagement, brand positioning and corporate social responsibility.  I also want that when we communicators open our mouths to speak, that people stop and listen, and that communications is a profession that people admire, and not that we are seen as just the fixers.  However, we can't do that if we are not continuously educating ourselves, and arming ourselves with the tools to advance our clients, companies and the profession.”

The full membership of IABC Barbados' executive for 2021-2022 includes VP Finance, Alicia Bascombe; VP Professional Development; Fay Cooke-Nurse; VP Marketing & Communications, Christal P. Austin; VP Membership, Javier Reid; and Senior Delegate/Immediate Past President, Carol Walcott.

The IABC is a global network of over 8,000 communication professionals committed to meeting the professional development and networking needs of its members, promoting and recognizing effective business communication, raising the profile of the profession and providing resources and career support.