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Derrell and West named as delegates for the 63rd International Session

Today, the Barbados Olympic Association Inc. (BOA) announced that Jessica Derrell and Solomon West are off to represent Barbados at the 63rd International Session for Young Olympic Ambassadors (YOA) in Greece.  

Formerly known as the International Session for Young Participants, the conference is expected to attract 130 delegates from around the globe to discuss a way forward for the Olympic Movement.  

Derrell started rugby at a young age and went on to represent the sport at the international level. She has played and coached rugby and led fundraising drives to augment the federation’s efforts. She recently became involved as an athlete in Wrestling and has already performed with distinction, winning a bronze medal at the Pan American Wrestling Senior Championship in Argentina in the 59kg weight category last month.

In addition to being an athlete, West is qualified as a coach and fitness instructor. Much of his contribution to sport has been as a volunteer. He has a background in community sports, and has been involved in sporting projects as a coach and youth worker. Recently, he assisted the Checker Hall Braves Community Club with preparing an under-19 team to participate in the 2023 basketball season, and to plan workshops to develop young people in sports.

Derrell and West are expected to be in Athens on June 11 for the official opening ceremony, with the remaining days scheduled for Olympia.  

The main topic on the agenda at the IOA International Sessions this year is ‘Innovating physical education and Olympic values education to build a better world’. The special topic for YOA 2023 is ‘Renewal and rejuvenation: How can the Olympic Movement remain relevant to youth through physical education and Olympic values education’. 

 The BOA’s National Olympic Academy Director, Vaneisha Cadogan, expects only excellence from the duo. ‘I wish to congratulate Jessica and Solomon on being selected to attend YOA 2023’, Cadogan said. ‘Their selection was based on their participation in sport and their outstanding performance at the National Session for Young Participants. We at the BOA expect them to be exceptional ambassadors. They are both very passionate about sport development, which we envisage will be evident in their contributions at the Session. We look forward to the recommendations they will make after being immersed in rich and extensive discussions over the next two weeks’.

Barbados first participated in the Session for Young Participants in 1973 and has been represented at most of the annual Sessions since then.